As you probably know, I am I MEGA fan of the amazing boy band JLS!  In the band there are 4 boys and their names are Aston merrygold, Marvin humes, Johnathan Benjamin (aka jb) and oritse Williams. My favourite member of JLS is Aston. I have loads of JLS things these are some of them:

4 posters, 2 framed pictures, lunch bag, a bag saying I love JLS, mini figures, all 8 bracelets, all the CDs, purse, clock, pencil case, stationary, notebooks, stickers, lanyard, wristbands, necklaces, tin.

And that’s not all of them!

Hopefully a lot more coming for Christmas!

By Olivia 🙂


Football is the best sport well thats what I think. I support Sheffield wednesday they are the best team ever. They are in the championship league but they won’t go up this season next season they will. My best player in the team is…Jonson he is fast, skillful and the best in the world I think. Who do you support and who do you think the best player in the world is? Footballers gets loads of money I wish I had that money Do you?


Christmas to me

Christmas is not just about presents its about loving and sharing. People go to sleep on christmas eve excited for christmas day. Lots of children only like christmas because they get presents not because they get to spend time with their family and eat together as a family. Lots of different people celebrate christmas in different ways, I like the hindu way, the Indian way because you think all about god. Christmas is about the jesus birth and not about just getting spolit.

Last Night’s Jingle blogs

Last night at the jingle blogs we had a really good time.

Here’s a list of some of the stuff we did:

  • We watched home alone 3

We watched home alone 3. It doesn’t have the same characters as 1or 2 but I think that it is better.

  • We all had a good laugh

We all had a good laugh at jokes and just stuff that made us laugh!

  • Emily went swimming

Emily was worried that she wouldn’t pass her swimming test and I encouraged her to try her hardest and when she got back after swimming she played a little trick on me…

She pretended that she didn’t pass and went all sad and pretended that she got kicked of the squad and then I went oh really? Oh no! I’m so sorry Emily. Are you sure?  And then she said “of course I’m not, I set a new personal best and I was so shocked!” I had no idea that she played a trick on me but I was Happy for her.

  • I unfortunately had my tea late!

For my tea I had a mcdonalds but when everybody had their tea at about 5:30 I had mine a whole hour later because my parents didnt bring it until then. That was not fair!

This is the story of last night.

By Amelia.







JoshS: New year resolutions

We have been told to think of 10 things we could do to improve ourselves as a person and make our selves a better person. Here are the 10 things I would do to make myself a better person.

1. Help Charity

2. Put others first

3. If others are upset comfert them

4. Make sure that others are happy

5. Help others

6. Help any children age or size

7. Be a good person

8. Help around the house

9. Be kind and helpful

10. If someone is in danger help no matter the consequences.

These are ten of the things I would and probably will do to be a better person thanks for reading!

Christmas fair

At the Christmas fair there was a tombola, if you pick a ticket with a even number you did not win, but if you got a even number you won an adorable teddy bear and it is         realy fluffy and soft. It was 25p for a ticket, I spent 25p and I got a ticket, it was an odd number so I won. It was really funny because every one els was getting even numbers and saying no no no no no! And wasted there money,but I won on my first go.


All about father Christmas (Santa)

Who is farther Christmas ?

father Christmas is a famous man who brings everybody presents .

What does he wear ???

He wears a red suit and a black belt with a red sack.

He has 9 special reindeers called:

Rudolph, dasher, dancer, prancer, comet, Cupid, donner,vixen and blitzen!

father Christmas has lots of other names such as:

Santa Claus, father Christmas, Santa and lots more